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$10/800 pts Color Commissions!
Kolby and Marshal by KolbyKakes
Final Fantasy Tarutaru Thing by KolbyKakes
Mags and her giant hairdoo by KolbyKakes
Alli for agloriouscomeback by KolbyKakes
Tiny fingers and lots of fluff by KolbyKakes
Lucy by KolbyKakes
Okay, I need like $60 for a supergroup so what better way than to offer you my craptastic art for monies?! There are 10 slots! I am not too picky about what I draw but I won't draw anything extreme. Smut is fine to a point and anything like gore/fetishy will have to be talked about. 

Sketchy lines but full color with simple shading.
Simple backgrounds.
Up to 3 characters.

All I need is a fairly detailed vision of what you want. Unless you want your character just standing around looking boring, please tell me what you want them doing!!!
Old guys by KolbyKakes
Bad Influence by KolbyKakes
Juno by KolbyKakes
Cent vs. Exsvent by KolbyKakes
Yes, if you are interested in paying me money for things, then step right up cuz here I am!!! 

I'm giving 3 examples above of my work and will be pricing things accordingly (so please ignore the sell for thing DA gives cuz idk)

I'm going to stick to CASH ONLY right now unless you have a big order, I might consider payment in points.

Sketches: $5 
Additional character: +$2

Colored Sketches: $10
Additional character: +$5

Painted: Will range but going between $25-$40 depending on the size/difficulty
Additional Character: +$10
Background?: Will range as well.

Dumb bean Chibis: $5
Additional character: +$1

I am going to start out with 5 slots and see if that goes anywhere, though I doubt it! <3
If you are interested in a commission, PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE to discuss payment and details!!!



Hey guys! Another shameless spamming so my journal for my group! We are looking for members to help get us started. We are pretty laid back and friendly with some neato ideas for the future.

If you like myths or slight creeps or strange creatures or any rp even, come check us out :icond0wn-t0wn: 
The first 5 people who comment here, will get one of heir original characters featured in this journal! 

The deal:

1. I will pick the OC and 
2. Those who comment will have a journal like this and also feature one of my original characters. 

1. :iconfoxchimer42:
'sArcem Alva: Nylian Taurfell by FoxChimer42 I am a sucker for graying hair and stubble <3
2. :iconcrickettle:'s Dork by Crickettle Pip is the best, idk. Science. He's a bae.
3. :icontisin:'s silence without question by Tisin I love his eyes sakljglkajgajgra!
4. :iconzanyzarah:'s MonsterAcademy: Umami by Zanyzarah He is a dork and I love him.
Sprinkles App by KolbyKakes
Sprinkles App
This looks like shit and I am sorry I might go back and fix it but it was PERFECT and as I was saving to submit PS crashed and I cried a little so this is the salvaged version and I'm too emotionally drained to fix it rn! Sorry ehhh!

Basic Info

Name: Tawpen (not known to others)

Preferred name: Sprinkles

Nicknames: Red/Red Animal, κόκκινο ζώο

Age: 542

Apparent Age: Late 20 to early 30s

Birthday: Late Spring

Gender: N/A


Creature: Forest Troll

Skin: Light tone with freckles

Hair: Red

Eyes: Yellow iris, black sclera ("whites" of the eyes)

            Feet: 5'6
            Meters: 1.67

            lbs: 140
            kgs: 63.5

Body type: Stocky with surprising flexibility. Powerful arms and strong legs. 

Distinguishing features: Scarred, mutilated mouth. Large and expressive ears that have fluffy hair on the tips. Long tail with similar hair.

Piercings: None

Tattoos: Has one but doesn't want to talk about it.


Disguise: Plain shirts and big jackets or button ups. Scarves and hats to cover his mouth and ears respectively. Likes hoodies and hats. 

Carry-on: Throwing knives, cash, cigarettes on occasion.


Sprinkles is a private person. It is extremely rare for him to talk about his past and if he does, it is usually a watered down version with little to no detail. He isn't against talking about his recent past, around the time they got to the island, but he really doesn't like to get too personal with people.

He has a temper and a short fuse to boot but won't go out of his way to blow up on someone unless they are the aggressor. Leave him alone to sleep and all will be right with the world. He isn't a total stick in the mud, though. On occasion he can be less of an asshole when doing things he enjoys, like listening to old music or enjoying the company of his trolls.

  • Alone time
  • Music (60s typically)
  • Sleeping
  • Movies (secret guilty pleasure)
  • Being touched
  • Loud, unnecessary noise
  • Waking up
  • New people
  • People that do things 'just cuz'

Dreams: Ha.

  • His gourd tree being damaged or found
  • Verd getting killed because she's a walking disaster (though more of a casual concern)
  • Jirou leaving

  • Biting his lips
  • Tail twitching, usually when annoyed

  • Stealing wallets
  • Sewing


Family: Has a few hundred 'siblings' or 'children' that were birthed through the gourd tree.

Friends: Verd and Jirou

Other Relationships: N/A

Short History

Sprinkles had a fairly happy existence before encroaching humans destroyed most of the area he lived in. He escaped with a group of about 100 of his family, along with his dug up gourde tree, though others were not so lucky. He became the leader of their ragtag group and wondered around Europe for quite awhile before following others to the New World before it was properly settled. 

When the humans caught up with them there and began to settle their communities, Sprinkles and his family bounced around from one haven to another, not staying long because of their group size. His once happy, friendly disposition deteriorated from these events, having the weight of such responsibility crushing the lightheartedness right out of him.  

Eventually they stumbled upon the abandoned island and had it all to themselves for a few years. He met Verd only a few years after living there, her being the only different kind of thing on that island for 60 years. You could say they are best friends, kind of. 

They were pretty peaceful and had gotten use to dull days until he ran into Jirou and was followed. It took some getting use to but all is well and it's been 15 years since anyone else has shown up. I'm sure he'll be thrilled if others do. *cough*

(There is a longer history I have on stash but I felt it was too huge and dumb but if you are curious let me know ahahahsdlkfjasga)


His gourd tree is hidden extremely well on the island and well guarded.
His family consists of 109 members, all which live on the island with him. They are usually out of sight, though, residing in his apartment building or hiding around. They do talk but are just recently getting use to speaking English and they do not leave the island.   
He can contact juggle and do a few sleight of hand tricks.
He is missing his pinkie toe on his right foot because of a certain lady snake.
Knows how to speak in his troll tongue, Swedish and partially some other Scandinavian languages, Greek profanity (thanks Verd) and English.

Hey guys! Another shameless spamming so my journal for my group! We are looking for members to help get us started. We are pretty laid back and friendly with some neato ideas for the future.

If you like myths or slight creeps or strange creatures or any rp even, come check us out :icond0wn-t0wn: 

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