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$10/800 pts Color Commissions!
Kolby and Marshal by KolbyKakes
Final Fantasy Tarutaru Thing by KolbyKakes
Mags and her giant hairdoo by KolbyKakes
Alli for agloriouscomeback by KolbyKakes
Tiny fingers and lots of fluff by KolbyKakes
Lucy by KolbyKakes
Okay, I need like $60 for a supergroup so what better way than to offer you my craptastic art for monies?! There are 10 slots! I am not too picky about what I draw but I won't draw anything extreme. Smut is fine to a point and anything like gore/fetishy will have to be talked about. 

Sketchy lines but full color with simple shading.
Simple backgrounds.
Up to 3 characters.

All I need is a fairly detailed vision of what you want. Unless you want your character just standing around looking boring, please tell me what you want them doing!!!
Old guys by KolbyKakes
Bad Influence by KolbyKakes
Juno by KolbyKakes
Cent vs. Exsvent by KolbyKakes
Yes, if you are interested in paying me money for things, then step right up cuz here I am!!! 

I'm giving 3 examples above of my work and will be pricing things accordingly (so please ignore the sell for thing DA gives cuz idk)

I'm going to stick to CASH ONLY right now unless you have a big order, I might consider payment in points.

Sketches: $5 
Additional character: +$2

Colored Sketches: $10
Additional character: +$5

Painted: Will range but going between $25-$40 depending on the size/difficulty
Additional Character: +$10
Background?: Will range as well.

Dumb bean Chibis: $5
Additional character: +$1

I am going to start out with 5 slots and see if that goes anywhere, though I doubt it! <3
If you are interested in a commission, PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE to discuss payment and details!!!



Basically Every Morning

    Somehow they always ended up in a tangle. It was the same every morning, arms and legs everywhere and the covers half off. The position of the morning was a twisted sort of spooning with a lot of elbow to the chest. And despite the rather uncomfortable nature of this, they had both slept soundly throughout the night. It was only when Sprinkles woke up did he feel the sharp, pointed edges of Jirou’s body digging into his own.

                “Jirou,” he groaned, pressing his face against the dog’s back and trying to rub away the sleepiness. “Wake up.”

                Jirou didn’t, of course, and just continued to snore softly while locking Sprinkles’s limbs tightly out of use. He could feel the fuzzy static of his arm that was pinned under Jirou slowly going to sleep. It was over. This is how he would die, he could feel it. His entire body was going to slowly succumb to the numb, unbearable sensation or, if he pulled away, he would fall onto the cold floor. Either was a painful way to go but he figured he’d rather stay warm so he continued to lay there, trying to wiggle his other hand out of Jirou’s.

                The struggle was real but he got it loose and reached up to pinch Jirou’s face a bit before gently slapping it. “Wake up, dog…”

                That woke him. His body jerked back a little, his shoulder hitting Sprinkles in the face as he whined. “Nuuu. You hit me,” he mumbled as he rolled on his back to look at him. He rubbed where he was pinched, a pout on his sleepy face.

                “My arm was falling asleep.” He grumbled a bit more, pulling his arms free and massaging them a bit, trying to get blood flowing again.

                “Why did you hit me,” he whined. The couch squeaked and groaned a bit as he flopped around to face him, scooting close. His eyes were closed again as he was searching for warm. “I wasn’t being bad. I was sleeping.”

                “You wouldn’t wake up and I didn’t hit you hard,” he said, watching Jirou try to secretly worm his way back into his arms. He didn’t really move to stop him, though.


                “It’s not that cold.”

                “But it is.”

                “Its not that ba-” He was cut off when Jirou started to nuzzle under his chin, successfully biting his own tongue. Tears welled up at the corner of his eyes as he was flopped on, pinned. At least he could move his arms now?


                And they went back to sleep.


The morning mambo
These two are dopes~

Sprinkles - ME
Jirou - Blencem

                It had been a little over an hour but he could feel the lingering pressure of her presence still in the room. His lungs were tight with anxiety, filled with stale air not willing to open. Hurriedly he walked to the windows and flung them open, sticking his head out and taking a painful whiff of cold air. This repeated a few times, earning himself glances from down below. When he noticed, he shot an angry look back before retreating back into the room and slamming the window shut. Once he replaced the curtains back, blocking out the bright sun and letting his room regain the gloomy aesthetic again, he flopped hard onto his couch, face first.

                Sprinkles wasn’t one to panic, really. Quick to anger? Yes. Emotionally unstable? Yes. A crier? Most defiantly. But panic is something he had long forgotten. It was a weight slowly crushing him in a manner that was inescapable. The satyr would return and she would want an answer he was not prepared to give, not that he thought any amount of time would be good enough to give it. Not to mention that no one else was aware. That thought itself only piled on more stones to the mass that was pressed on him. Verd would not be very pleased at his indiscretion but he would have to tell her. It would be quite strange if he and his trolls disappeared one day or if he was forcibly drug off the island. He sure was a glutton for punishment.

                After what seemed like hours but in reality was maybe a few minutes, he sat up and rubbed his face and neck. The initial dread seemed to have passed but there was still the impending thought hovering over him. The choices he was given, at a glance, seemed to be not even on the same level, as if it was obvious what the right decision was. And despite him leaning toward one anyway, he was still wary of making such a commitment. No way would he let anyone take what he had worked so hard for. The past years had given him something he never thought he’d have again. He wouldn’t lose the two precious people in his life and go to be a pawn in someone else’s chess board. Fuck that. He wouldn’t subject his trolls to it either after knowing who resides at that haven now. But taking on a role like this that was bigger than his station seemed overwhelmingly dangerous. Others would kill to be a leader of a haven. Others had killed to be leaders, in fact. It was true, before all of this he had been the leader of the ragtag group. But that was to people he trusted. Now he was to open his arms graciously to strangers he didn’t know from a hole in the wall.

                A knock at the door snapped him out of his thoughts and he let out a growl. “Gå bort,” he grumble loudly before sinking into the couch.

                “Sprinkles, you know I dunno what that mean,” Verd said on the other side of the door. She knocked a few more times before opening it. “I’m coming in anyway so.”

                He didn’t bother looking at her or trying to make her leave, just decided the floorboards were too interesting to give her the time of day. This surprised Verd, seeing that she wasn’t met with the usual resistance and she sat down beside him. “What’s wrong Red? Is it that satyr bitch?”

                “In a way, yes.”

                “Do you want me to get rid of her?”

                “No. This time we can’t just sweep a body under the rug, Verd.”

                “Why not,” she giggled, leaning back and putting her legs in his lap. “We do that all the time, why is this different?”

                He gently grabbed her ankles and pushed them back at her before giving her a serious look that sent a shiver down her spine. Better now than never.

                “Verd, she’s is expecting an answer from me when she gets back. She has given me two options. Only two. And I have to decide what course or she’ll do it for me.” He sighed a little when she looked concerned and explained a bit more of the finer details of the haven and the satyr’s plan.

                “She basically wants us to take in the runoff from their haven. They’re the reason we’ve been getting these strangers. And if I don’t say yes, she’ll tell the härskare where I am and he will force me to him so I can watch him stuff his face with a mountain of food for the rest of my life.”

                “Why am I just hearing about this?”

                “Because it hasn’t mattered until this moment, Verd.”

                “Bullshit. It has mattered! If someone is trying to blackmail you into-“

                “It isn’t as simple as blackmail. It is just an oversight on my part that she is bringing to light and trying to use to the advantage of both of us. She could make anyone a leader here if she wanted.”

                “That just means she wants you under her thumb. But we don’t have to choose any of those options. We can just…go away? Why not?”

                “It would look very suspicious, not to mention I can’t. The tree has rooted, I cannot move her nor will I leave her.” He sighed again, this time shaky since he had pretty much made up his mind. “I am here until I die. You and Jirou don’t have to be, though. You both have that freedom from me, do not let me stop you.”

                He was cut short by a sharp slap to the face. Verd reached back, preparing for another but stopped when he didn’t react how she thought he would. “You idiot,” she said, huffing slightly. “I am here for the long haul. Have been for sixty years, how dare you say that shit to me!” She lowered her hand onto his face where she had slapped him. “You aren’t alone in this. Okay?” Sprinkles reached up and grabbed her cool hand, lacing their fingers together before nodding slowly.

                “I’ll give her my answer when she returns. It’s the only one that will let us keep our home. We can deal with a few extra idiots. If I am in charge here, the härskare cannot demand me back.”

                Verd nodded slowly. “It won’t be so bad, Red. If any of them get out of line, we can at least sweep them under the rug after we kill them. Or you can let me keep their parts?”


                “Aw, come on?”

                “Fuck you, no.”



Sprinkles, get your shit together.
The shitlord is conflicted.

Sprinkles - ME
Verd - Crickettle
Hey guys! Another shameless spamming so my journal for my group! We are looking for members to help get us started. We are pretty laid back and friendly with some neato ideas for the future.

If you like myths or slight creeps or strange creatures or any rp even, come check us out :icond0wn-t0wn: 
The first 5 people who comment here, will get one of heir original characters featured in this journal! 

The deal:

1. I will pick the OC and 
2. Those who comment will have a journal like this and also feature one of my original characters. 

1. :iconfoxchimer42:
'sArcem Alva: Nylian Taurfell by FoxChimer42 I am a sucker for graying hair and stubble <3
2. :iconcrickettle:'s Dork by Crickettle Pip is the best, idk. Science. He's a bae.
3. :icontisin:'s silence without question by Tisin I love his eyes sakljglkajgajgra!
4. :iconzanyzarah:'s MonsterAcademy: Umami by Zanyzarah He is a dork and I love him.
Hey guys! Another shameless spamming so my journal for my group! We are looking for members to help get us started. We are pretty laid back and friendly with some neato ideas for the future.

If you like myths or slight creeps or strange creatures or any rp even, come check us out :icond0wn-t0wn: 

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